Analogue, digital and DAB TV antennas

The range of antennas and components from SIRA includes more than thirty years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of passive systems for the broadcasting industry. These reliable items offer the highest quality standards, as shown by their ISO 9001 certification.
A full range of antennas, filters, combiners, manual switches and VHF-BI, FM, VHF-BIII switching units (analogue and DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting - TV) and UHF (analogue and digital TV) switching units, meeting all requirements, from the implementation of standard designs to the development and implementation of particularly complex and customized solutions.

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Antennas and accessories for telecommunications

SIRA's Telecoms division sells a wide range of mobile phone antennas (GSM, UMTS), for the motor vehicle industry, W-LAN, WLL, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, TETRA/TETRAPOL, and PMR (Private Mobile Radio), low profile antennas for trains and buses, items for air traffic control systems, combiner systems and RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) systems. 
Open the products area of the Telecoms section to see the whole catalogue of antennas and accessories by SIRA and Kathrein dedicated to the telecommunications sector, and download the relevant documentation.

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ATC line (Air Traffic Control)

The Sira ATC line (Air Traffic Control) includes either VHF or UHF antennas: Here after some features of the Sira ATC antennas:

• Omnidirectional.
• Broad band.
• Single & Multi dipole
• Vertically polarised

The constructional materials used by Sira for these antennas provide a long term and trouble free operational life to these antennas also when installed in adverse climates.

A careful analysis of the constructional materials used, coupled with the highest quality manufacturing processes, make the Sira ATC antennas a very high quality standard reference for the Industry.

Indeed, the Sira ATC antennas have been installed and commissioned on top of high mountains and in any places where high reliability and resistance to the harsh weather conditions is a mandatory requirement.

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Full range of cables and connectors

SIRA can offer a whole range of top-quality cables and connectors of proven reliability. Open the specific section to see the sizes and technical specifications for the entire and vast assortment of corrugated-radiating cables, coaxial connectors, jumper cables and earthing systems to be found in the SIRA catalogue.

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Broadcast Education Workshop 2014

It was a successful 2014 Broadcast Education Workshop with the participation of over 150 people from 25 countries in Latin America.

New 2014 SIRA catalogues


Preview them online, download PDF files or ask for hard copies of our new SIRA and Kathrein catalogues.

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SIRA worldwide

A map of systems installed in over 120 countries
all over the world and contacts for our assistance
centres in each geographical area.

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