Form 231 - Code of ethics

SIRA's aim is to supply its customers with reliable products and services that are fit for purpose. It is also the responsibility of all of the figures involved to participate in the improvement of company efficiency as a means of being competitive on the market through continued improvement of operating quality (effectiveness) of in-house positions and interfaced entities. To this end, it is fundamental to disseminate the culture of quality and ethics as a factor of professional growth at all levels.

Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the subsequent increase of criminal offences of Legislative Decree 61/2002 have introduced to Italy a principle that until that time was totally alien to the Italian legal system or in other words, administrative liability (which in practice turns out to be a criminal offence) of collective entities (therefore, businesses too) for crimes committed to the benefit or in the interests of the entity itself by persons who:

  • hold representative, administrative or management positions within said entities;
  • perform, even in de facto manner, the management or control of the entity;
  • are subject to the management of the above.

These regulations are applied to any collective entities, from unrecognized associations to any form of company.
The Decree has introduced to our legal system a form of criminal liability, to date unseen, for companies, which are personally answerable (on their "own" behalf) if any crimes are committed "in their interests or to their advantage". On occasion of audits concerning the conformity of the in-house organization and control system to that laid down in Legislative Decree 231/2001, SIRA has have decided to collect and publish the rules and ethical behaviour codes considered since our founding as company liabilities, mapping out SIRA's relations with its staff and others, which more generally, characterize the performance of all company activities. The code is therefore a system of principles which need to be complied with by all those at whom it is directed and this is of fundamental importance to the proper operation, reliable management and image of SIRA.
In setting up its business activities, SIRA acts in accordance with the principles of personal freedom and dignity and with respect for diversity, refuting all discrimination based on sex, race, language, personal and social conditions, or religious or political beliefs. 
For this purpose, the company promotes a working environment based on respect, fairness and collaboration, allowing the involvement and empowerment of employees and collaborators with regard to specific objectives to be attained and to the methods for the pursuit of same.
This Code of Ethics has therefore been drawn up with the aim of clearly defining the set of values accepted and shared by SIRA.

Application sphere

  • The regulations in the Code of Ethics are applied to SIRA employees and all those who cooperate in the development of its activities and the pursuit of its aims;
  • Employees and all those collaborating with SIRA are obliged to behave in a manner compliant with the principles in the Code of Ethics.

Main principles

  • The Code is a set of principles the observance of which is fundamentally important for the correct operation, management reliability and the image of SIRA. These principles refer to both in-house and external operations, conduct and relations;
  • Breach of the above principles constitutes non-fulfillment of the obligations deriving from the working and employment relationship, with all consequences as per law and contract.

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