Form 231 – Internal audit

Why the form is adopted

SIRA, by adopting Form 231, intends to implement the organization protocols aimed to prevent the risk of committing the crimes as stated in Legislative Decree 231/01, raising awareness in employees and external subjects with regard to the conduct expected by the company, the due correct behaviour and transparency with regard to the management of its activities.

Internal audit system

To achieve these aims, the company has developed and put in place an internal audit system with the task of guaranteeing that the main risks concerning all activities performed in house are correctly identified, measured, managed and monitored so that they are compatible with a healthy and correct management of all processes.

Identification of the Supervisory Body

The Supervisory Body (SB) is one of the essential components of the Model, as envisaged by Art. 6 of Legislative Decree 231/01. The SB is required to make regular audits of the actual capacity of the model to prevent the committing of illicit acts as per Legislative Decree 231/01. This activity is established as:

  • revision of the map of risk areas concerning changes to the processes in the company organization;
  • analysis of the remarks made and the relevant actions undertaken;
  • random checks of the main company contracts/deeds pertinent to the risk activities as per Legislative Decree 231/01.


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