SIRA's specialist field has always been broadcasting, with specific interest in radiofrequency systems (creation, design, development and production) of FM and TV antennas. To complete the core business, over the years, other products, which are integral parts of the broadcasting system have been brought in, such as combiner filters and all interconnecting elements for equipment. 

In 1995, SIRA became part of the Kathrein Group, for which it produces and develops mobile telephone antennas; and since 2002 SIRA has been the exclusive distributor on the Italian market for "Telecoms" products from the Kathrein Group. Since it was founded, SIRA has increased its range of skills, thanks to incoming qualified staff who are well trained and always attentive to new leading edge technologies, constantly updated when it comes to regulations and standards and highly motivated in their pursuit of customer satisfaction. It is thanks to all of these factors that in 2004, SIRA became the centre of reference for the Kathrein Group for the construction and development of antennas for TETRA/TETRAPOL and WLL/WLAN markets.
In 2009, to complete its range of Broadcasting products and in consideration of growing market demand for television networks to switch to from analogue to digital, SIRA developed its own cutting-edge range of TV filters and combiners (the widest range of passive products for building Radio and TV systems on the market), meaning it was able to put itself forward as a full partner for the creation of international broadcasting networks. With an eye to setting up an excellent partnership structure with customers for the achievement of its objectives, in the recent past, SIRA also set up its supply of "turnkey" RF systems: as a main contractor, SIRA has been a leading player in the restructuring and implementation of important networks worldwide.

As well as broadcasting, SIRA has introduced a series of new products in the field of military broadcasting and mobile telephones: groundbreaking, complex systems created with the knowledge and skills acquired in different sectors, as well as notable skills within the company and to the high quality levels of production, able to meet the increasingly demanding customer requirements. Worthy of note in this area is a new range of antennas for VHF and UHF ship-to-shore civil and military communications for which SIRA supplies antennas and also systems for the remote monitoring and heating of same.

In the telephones industry, the increasing need to communicate, send messages, and to transmit "data packages" while on the move and from a host of different places, has led to the idea of promoting a new range of broad band antennas for "indoor" use, where performance in terms of radio coverage inside motorway, railway and metropolitan railway tunnels have made SIRA the go-to supplier for the major GSM/ UMTS operators in Europe. The same attention has been dedicated to data traffic needs in ports and on board cruise ships, where SIRA products are present to allow telephone communications anywhere.

This has all allowed SIRA, in the course of its 41-year history, to have systems in more than 140 countries the world over as one of the industry leaders at world level, with over 80% of its turnover as exports from Italy.

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