All of SIRA's business, from the time of design through to the installation of antennas and accessories for broadcasting and telecommunications has always followed a philosophy that places the customer right at the centre of attention, constantly seeking out market synergy to meet all requests with the skills and enthusiasm needed to achieve results that are increasingly appreciated due to the high level of company processes, customer care and end product.

From this viewpoint, SIRA continues to seek to integrate all of the different areas needed to be able to offer the best technical solutions at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining product quality standards of the highest levels obtainable on the telecommunications market. 
The entire catalogue of antennas, parts and accessories is therefore developed and produced in compliance with the most stringent international standards, which has allowed SIRA products to be chosen and used by an increasing number of partners operating throughout the world, meaning they are currently installed and operating in over 75 different countries, and guaranteeing SIRA an important leadership position at world level.

These objectives have been achieved through specific and dedicated attention to the professional growth of employees, so as to ensure implementation levels that are always "state of the art ". Whatever the company activity, training and refresher processes for staff are in fact given a prominent role. To maximize the results, as well as using extremely qualified in-house personnel working actively in the different training areas, SIRA also relies on the collaboration of numerous technical and scientific institutes, research centres and universities to make sure that its staff is always abreast of the very latest technologies and production systems.

A sizeable percentage of the investments made by SIRA goes to R&D; this is a policy that has allowed SIRA to gain experience at increasingly high levels in the broadcasting and telecoms industries, guaranteeing the know-how needed to implement projects of great complexity with solutions to satisfy the requirements of customers from all over the world.


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