R&D - Research & Development

Analytical skills of the highest level distinguish SIRA's approach when dealing with any project, from standard ones to those with a far higher level of complexity, and these skills come from the experience and technical abilities of its highly qualified engineers and technicians.

The design process constantly applied by the company's R&D division can be summed up as follows:

  • careful appraisal of specific market demand;
  • translation of these specifications into basic solutions in terms of components and systems;
  • research and monitoring of new materials for special components and technologically cutting-edge processes;
  • creation of a prototype to test and analyze in close contact with the Quality Division, so as to assess the reliability of the new product and its conformity to the specific international standards.

This procedure allows SIRA to develop each of its own products destined to the broadcasting and telecommunications industries, in compliance with the specific requirements of the customer and to guarantee a production stage that stands out for its extremely high efficiency levels.
The main means available to SIRA's R&D division for the achievement of these objectives include:

  • fast and accurate 3D simulation software to design and analyze products at high frequency;
  • the most modern measurement instruments to assess new products and to record their performance;
  • software developed by SIRA to manage measuring instruments to allow effective acquisition of radiation diagrams for antennas and systems;
  • 3D and 2D CAD software to create, manage and share project designs and documents.

Efficient integration of all these technical processes and systems then allows fast development of every project, guaranteeing significant reductions in time and costs, all to the benefit of the customer.


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