Environment management system

SIRA has the utmost concern for safeguarding the environment, self regulating every branch of its production, testing, distribution and installation activities for broadcasting and telecoms components for the purpose of improving performance from an eco-sustainable viewpoint, to get closer to zero impact on the environment, which can be recognized both by national and local authorities as well as by the people who live in the area around our company facilities. 

For this purpose, we have chosen not to limit ourselves to adopting the contents of the Kathrein Group Policy, but we have also drawn up this Environmental Policy Document. By complying with this programme, SIRA undertakes to adopt a complete and organic environmental management system for its organization and activities, with the aim of constantly reducing its environmental impact. 

Specifically, the company has decided to apply the following principles:

  • to implement continued information and training for all staff in order to guarantee responsible performance of all activities and/or to guarantee compliance with respect for the environment in which said activities are performed;
  • to set up a continued, open dialogue with the public authorities, customers and resident populations, concerning the potential impact of activities on the environment and on the measures put in place to prevent this impact;
  • to develop and implement technologies, products and production processes to allow rational use of power sources, non-renewable resources and raw materials, minimizing the production of waste and the environmental impact on air and water;
  • to promote the principles of SIRA's policy to suppliers and subcontractors;  
  • to guarantee total adherence to all of the standards and laws in place to safeguard the environment.

To implement the principles stated in this document, a management representative for the Environmental Management System has been appointed from among SIRA's staff; this person has a well-defined position, responsibility and authority for the following:

  • to make sure that the requirements of the Environmental Management System are set, applied and maintained in compliance with the requirements of applicable regulations and laws;
  • to report to management on the performance and efficiency of the Environmental Management System for the purpose of reappraisal and improvement;
  • to perform in-house audits.

For any information, please contact Mr M. Fumagalli at the following e-mail: mfumagalli@sira.mi.it.

Environmental Policy.

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