Health and safety in the workplace

Through its Workplace health and safety policy, Sira S.r.l. is committed to operating in accordance with applicable national and community laws, regulations and directives.

In order to achieve those goals, Sira has therefore decided to apply the following principles:

  • Contrasting the life and work conditions obstructing health and promoting suitable individual behaviors and lifestyles;
  • Enhancing training and information activities, involving all the people concerned by making them aware of their individual obligations and the importance of every single action for the achievement of the expected results and of their responsibility as regards safety;
  • Verifying compliance to this policy by performing periodic audits and safety inspections by continuously checking operational activities, training and information documentation, risk assessment and action plans for prevention and improvement;
  • Making contractors and their suppliers aware of the policies, laws and commitments concerning safety adopted by the company, asking them to comply with them;
  • Disclosing our Workplace safety and health policy to all interested parties.

To this purpose, the Executive Board is committed to complying with the currently applicable legislation regarding safety and health in the workplace and to updating it continuously; all the human, material, financial and instrumental resources which may be necessary will be provided.

The Executive Board also intends to guarantee the continuous improvement of the safety management system by constantly reminding the organization about the importance of complying with the health and safety requirements as established by the existing safety management system as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

The goal is to grow a safety culture in every workplace by raising the awareness of each employee and by using appropriate operational procedures and training programs for the staff.

The safety policy and the framework of the objectives are communicated within the Sira to all employees through the posting of documents and/or meetings involving the whole staff, so that everyone is informed and the contents are understood and supported at all levels.

Everyone is called upon to co-operate to make the Safety policy active, understandable and improvable, each with their own skills and abilities.

Sira is pleased to inform that they have been certified OHSAS 18001

(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), which defines the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHS), as defined by law and according to the dangers and the risks potentially present in the workplace.

For any information, please contact the person responsible, Mr. Fumagalli at the following e-mail address:


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