This page contains some of the most frequent questions we have received about the production processes and quality inspections in use on our products from the Broadcasting and Telecoms catalogues.
A brief overview that may help you to understand how every antenna system, as well as any other product or component part made at our production facilities is inspected and tested using methods and cutting edge technologies, meaning that each and every one of our customers can rely on SIRA, safe in the knowledge that they can count on the highest levels of reliability in the broadcasting and telecommunications industry world wide. 

  • What is the precision of SIRA’s measured patterns?

    SIRA is able to measure antenna system radiation patterns comprised of an undefined number of basic radiators with a high degree of precision. This high degree of accuracy is the result of professional software and measured basic radiator's primary data. The measurements for each single antenna are carried out at the state-of-the-art, tried and tested experimental test site at SIRA.
    The attached file includes the tolerance range that SIRA can guarantee when calculating theoretical patterns.

  • Is SIRA able to demonstrate the precision of its theoretical patterns?

    At SIRA it is possible to measure the horizontal pattern of an antenna system (HRP TEST) to show the accuracy of the theoretical patterns supplied to clients. Clients, if interested, are able to attend measurement processes in person. Partial or full measurement of the antenna system takes place using support steelwork to faithfully reproduce the support structures at the transmitting site (for example, a square section tower with 2m sides). It is important to define the correct measurement method for the antenna system, which depends on numerous factors linked to operating frequency, physical size of the antenna, reflected signals, etc.
    The technical annex, "HRP_test_description" includes SIRA's standard HRP test procedure, a description of the test range at the SIRA factory.

  • Is SIRA able to predict a broadcasting antenna’s service coverage area?

    Using internationally recognized software (eg. EDX Signal) and an accurate digital map of the earth, SIRA can calculate the coverage area (coverage area prediction) for an antenna system, starting with the data that is required for an accurate result, eg: latitude and longitude of the transmitting site and the transmitter power.
    The technical annex, available to download, includes an example of a coverage area prediction for Italy and one for a different country.

  • Does SIRA have a software package to simulate antenna patterns?

    SIRA has a highly specialized software package to plot radiation patterns. In particular, the three dimensional radiation pattern for non-symmetrical systems has been optimized and therefore, by integrating this, it is possible to supply a precise peak gain value for the antenna system. It is also possible to simulate the influence of metallic structures within radiation patterns (eg: metallic ladders in systems with a top spine). The attached file lists the main software in use and an example of how it is employed.

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